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Do you have questions about keeeper products? We are always happy to answer to them. Here you can find frequently asked questions about our products and their application.

If you cannot find your question amongst our FAQs, simply contact us and place your query! We will respond to you as quickly as possible with the right answer.

None of our keeeper products are harmful to health – either for adults or for children. They are free of Bisphenol A (abbreviation: BPA), and do not contain heavy metals, plasticisers or other potentially harmful substances. Products for use with food, in particular, are subject to extensive and stringent requirements, which we fulfil.

All keeeper products are heat and temperature-resistant. You can find exact information on the maximum and minimum temperature on the products themselves or with the respective product on our website.

For our keeeper products, we use material in accordance with the physical requirements. You can use a keeeper product in the microwave if its use is indicated as safe. Just one example: our storage container fredo fresh can be used in the microwave. An important keeeper tip: in order to avoid overheating, the temperature of the food should not exceed 100 °C! It is best to heat the meal for 3 minutes at max. 400 Watts. Then stir it and heat again if necessary. Please also ensure that the lid is not closed, but rather merely placed loosely onto the container.

Discolourations on keeeper products, caused by strongly-coloured food such as carrots or red beets, generally disappear in the dishwasher. However, if fat containing food (e.g. goulash or tomato sauce) is overheated in the microwave, then permanent discolouration may result. In order to avoid overheating, the temperature of the food should not exceed 100 °C.

If the keeeper product is labelled with the appropriate symbol, you are welcome to put it into the dishwasher. This symbol can generally be found on the bottom of the product. We recommend that you place our products on the upper shelf of the dishwasher.

keeeper products do not generally take on odours. In exceptional cases, slight odours may persist after use. In such cases, we recommend that you leave the keeeper jar open for several hours in a freezer compartment. Caution: Do not drop the keeeper jar when frozen as it may break!

The Stemwede location mainly processes products for the areas home and storage. We at keeeper place the highest demands on our products and continuously secure their quality with our in-house Tool Servicing. Our location in Poland is mainly responsible for the product areas kitchen and kids. In addition to storage jars and kitchen aids, colourful and practical products concerning nappy changing, bathing and safe storage are produced here. Having our own Tool Construction facilitates consistent innovations and product developments.

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our guarantee conditions

Whether for washing or storing, cooking or baking, stowing away or transportation: Our products are there for every task. At keeeper, because we are convinced about the quality and durability of our products, we guarantee all products for 10 years. You can find our guarantee conditions below.

keeeper guarantees perfect function and usability for an item for 10 years from the date of purchase. The guarantee exists alongside the seller’s legal warranty obligations as stipulated in the purchase agreement with the initial customer and does not affect these obligations.

In the event of a guarantee claim, we reserve the right to choose whether to repair the faulty item free of charge, replace the item with another of the same value, or to refund the payment amount. The guarantee only applies for damage to the purchased item itself. Claims for damages that do not affect the purchased item itself, and any claim to loss of profits or downtime are exempt from the guarantee. Any possible liability resulting from mandatory legal provisions are not affected.

This guarantee does not include damages caused by

  • mechanical damages due to an accident, being dropped or impact,
  • negligent or malicious destruction, fire, or
  • misuse, incorrect handling (for example: overloading, overheating, use under abnormal conditions) or by failure to observe the user instructions/instructions for use or
  • are made worse by own attempts at repair.

The guarantee is limited to a duration of 10 years from the date of purchase by the first customer. Any use of the guarantee does not result in it being extended. Any replacement parts claimed within the guarantee are guaranteed for 6 months, but not less than the current guarantee period.

A guarantee claim is to be asserted against keeeper. To do so, the claimant should send an email with photographs of the product subject to the claim and the proof of purchase showing the date of purchase and the written statement of the claimed damage to keeeper will then send the claimant an email with information about how to proceed. If the product needs to be sent in for further assessment, keeeper will pay the cost of despatch. The claimant bears the transportation risk.

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our materials

We regularly submit our products to testing by recognised state testing institutes, in order to guarantee quality and product safety.
 You can find an overview of the symbols used for certain product characteristics here: overview of symbols.

break-proof, dishwasher safe, high chemical resistance to, e.g., citrus fruits, high gloss surface, can be used in temperatures of up to +100° C

break-proof, silk-matt surface, can be used in temperatures from -40° to +75° C

crystal-clear, brilliant surface, shatterproof, can be used in temperatures of up to +80° C

break-proof, crystal clear, brilliant surface, dishwasher safe, chemical resistance, can be used in temperatures from -40° to +90° C

Shatter-proof, dishwasher safe, high resistance to, e.g. oil and grease resistant, very good low-temperature flexibility, pleasant surface feel, can be used in temperatures of up to +100° C

all of these materials are taste and smell-free and adhere to all applicable foodstuffs legislation.